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"With today’s headlines filled with tension between countries, a book featuring a naval battle delivers an all-to-real look at what could happen.

...a fast-paced thriller packed with grit and action as one American ship serves as the sole outside resource when the United States is attacked by the People’s Republic of China.

Against All Enemies displays an exceptionally crafted techno-thriller that will hold your attention from start to finish." — Amy, Novels Alive


"…deft storytelling… expertly crafted military engagements give this brilliant piece of fiction an unsettling resemblance to a real-life battle…a gripping read that is remarkably realistic." — Essien Asian, Reader's Favorites

"This action-packed naval thriller comes ominously close to reality in imagining the events leading up to, and into, a third world war.

...moves from war zones to the boardroom machinations playing out in Washington and Moscow. Action and political intrigue are woven into a taught story that equally draws from world-domination strategy games and blockbuster war films.

...immersive combat scenes that lean into the technical language and detail of real-world fighting. The combination of chaos and calm that unfolds in the command center of a naval destroyer fighting for its life is captured with uncanny reality. ...These clear, authentic description of modern warfare practices are thrilling. An eerie depiction of the contemporary world sliding from an imaginable military conflagration to war of an unimaginable scale, Against All Enemies is a thrilling exercise in political prophesy." — Warren Maxwell, Independent Book Reviews


"…drawing comparisons to the suspenseful narratives of Tom Clancy, Against All Enemies presents Commander Bill Wilkins as a character reminiscent of the renowned Jack Ryan. ...does not shy away from the gritty realities…in vivid detail. An underlying theme explores the concept of patriotism in a modern context. …invites readers to ponder what it means to fight for one's country when the very essence of that country seems undermined by its leaders.
Against All Enemies offers more than just a military thriller; it is a reflective journey into the complexities of loyalty, leadership, and the often-blurred lines between ideals and reality." — Literary Titan

"… Against All Enemies… provides us with a fascinating tale of what may happen if the Chinese committed a limited, surprise attack against the United States. The Chinese believed that a non-nuclear attack that significantly destroyed our ability to respond would force a wounded US to accept an immediate cease fire agreement. They were wrong, and elements of the Pacific fleet took the fight right back to them. Outnumbered, and for the most part fighting without communications and satellite assistance, Commander Bill Wilkins and the crew of the USS Nicholas wreak havoc on the Chinese navy. The author's portrayal of the naval combat kept my attention throughout the book. Anyone who enjoys reading military fiction should enjoy this book." — Bob Doerr of Military Writers Society of America

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When the People’s Republic of China unleashes a devastating attack on the United States, Navy destroyer Commander Bill Wilkins and his crew are suddenly alone, deep in the enemy’s backyard, and unable to communicate with naval or national leadership.

At home in Washington, the president is detached from reality. Survivors of his cabinet contend with military leadership for control, some to save the nation they serve, others in pursuit of personal power. As America becomes alienated from its allies, Russia begins a campaign that
creates heightened fear of nuclear annihilation.


Bill must navigate a political minefield to find friends among China’s neighbors, in a role that asks him to take unimaginable risks and wrestle with the question: What losses are acceptable in order to win?



Building on the tradition of long-established writers of nautical thrillers such as PT Deutermann and David Poyer, Tom Wing has crafted a naval thriller that grips the reader and never lets go. As only an insider can, he has painted an authentic picture of modern surface warfare that the men and women aboard U.S. Navy ships will likely face in an era of peer competition. While some thriller writers craft stories that border on science fiction, Against All Enemies paints a scenario that is not only possible, but probable, making this novel eerily prescient. Not confined to the world’s oceans, this book delves into the political intrigue spawned by war and takes the reader to political machinations in Washington, Beijing and Moscow. Against All Enemies is a tour de force that will not only entertain, but inform.

- George Galdorisi, Retired Naval Aviator and Author



Bronze Medal in the Military Fiction category from the North American Book Awards


Silver Finalist by the American Writing Awards


Gold Book Award from Literary Titan


Runner-Up in the Military Fiction category by the Los Angeles Book Festival

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Runner-Up in the General Fiction category by the Southern California Book Festival


The Firebird Award for Military Fiction


Runner-Up in the Genre Fiction category by the London Book Festival

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